For a strikingly white smile, [practice-name] offers Zoom whitening in West Bloomfield, Michigan. This system is conducted in-office, with flexible treatments for each individual patient. Zoom whitening’s customizable intensity settings make sure each patient gets the results that best suit their teeth.

The treatment can be completed in under an hour, though typically a teeth cleaning is conducted before the actual whitening and this addition will lengthen the session. Each patient’s procedure begins by preparing the lips and gums, covering both with a protective layer while keeping the actual teeth exposed. After these precautions, the dentist or assistant can apply the Zoom whitening gel. This hydrogen peroxide compound works in conjunction with the Zoom light to penetrate the discolored layers of the teeth for a more complete whitening. This gel is exposed to the Zoom light for 15 minutes at a time while the light is activated. The entire 45-minute procedure is divided into three 15-minute gel-light treatments. Immediately afterward the whitening is completed, our dentist will apply a fluoride paste to the teeth in order to reduce sensitivity.

With Zoom whitening treatments, Shiva Hogugi, DDS can give you a smile you can be satisfied with. Our procedure is in-office, giving our patients a safe and effective form of teeth whitening, clinically proven up to eight shades brighter. To schedule your own treatment, contact our office at 248-669-5110!