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The last 20 years have witnessed dental implants becoming the standard of tooth replacement for those who have experienced the loss of multiple teeth. Before then, dental implants were only used to replace one tooth at a time. Advances in dental implant technology mean we can replace multiple missing teeth with an implant-supported dental bridge or denture.

To restore multiple missing teeth, our dentist will assess the area with the help of dental X-rays in order to determine if your jaw structure has been affected by tooth extraction or advanced periodontal disease, resulting in the loss of bone structure. If needed, we can arrange for you to receive a bone graft to improve the bone strength and density.

Dr. Shiva Hogugi and our team directly access the jawbone by creating a narrow channel through the gums, and then we place the corresponding abutments, which are titanium implants screwed into place. Over time, the titanium can bond with bone structure to mimic the strength of natural tooth roots. While this is in progress, we can provide temporary crowns to enhance your smile.

The final step is to place a custom-made dental bridge or denture to create a full smile that lasts up to a lifetime. For more information about replacing multiple teeth with dental implants in West Bloomfield, Michigan, we encourage you to contact Shiva Hogugi, DDS at 248-669-5110 today and schedule a consultation.