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This holiday season, it is important to look for all indications that gum disease may be present and help protect your smile against any future incidents that can arise. Because gum disease is a result of infections of your gum tissue, it can typically be seen through numerous symptoms. However, it is important to also understand the risk factors involved in its creation. Listed below are few the risk factors for gum disease:

– Bad habits such as smoking, drug use, end chewing tobacco

– Gum disease can arise due to a poor diet that is high in sugars and acidic foods and drinks.

– Minimize your risk for gum disease by visiting your dentist for routine checkups and professional cleanings.

– Unhealthy cleaning habits such as a failure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once per day can contribute to gum disease.

– Hormonal changes in your body, which is common with young girls, can be a risk factor for gum disease.

– Substantial changes in your day-to-day life, including pregnancies can increase your risk for gum disease.

– Dry mouth, a known side effect of some medications, is a risk factor for the gum disease.

– Genetic predispositions can increase your risk for gum disease.

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