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Do you know anyone who chews on their nails when they’re bored or nervous? This results in uneven nails, of course, but do you ever wonder what could happen to your teeth if you chew your nails? While it may seem like your teeth should be strong enough to chew your nails safely, you could actually be damaging your pearly whites. You might even need to visit your dentist to address the issues caused by nail chewing.

Your nails are the dirtiest part of your hands and are actually one of the dirtiest parts of your entire body. Biting your nails invites bad bacteria into your mouth, which can promote bacteria growth. Furthermore, nail biters also tend to have uneven wear on their teeth and are at risk for microfractures.

Nail biting can also lead to other serious issues, such as bruxism and TMJ disorder. In fact, if you bite your nails, you could be training your body to grind your teeth during stressful times. Similarly, severe nail biting can lead to jaw clenching, which can ultimately lead to painful TMJ disorder.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help stop biting your nails. For instance, stress management can help. Similarly, if you keep your nails shorter you may have a harder time biting your teeth. A manicure may also help because the expense may dissuade you from chewing.

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